The first Korean Supper


I’m happy to report that my first night of Korean cooking went fabulously!

I chose Pine Mushroom Skewers, two Namul (carrot and greens), Noodle Soup with Vegetables, Vegetables and Bean Curd in Bean Paste, and rice.

These were all out of the book, so I wont repeat the recipes here. I will, however, include some food porn photos and a description of my vegan adjustments.

Namul and Songi Sanjeok

I had to substitute the pine mushrooms with king oyster mushrooms, as I just couldn’t find the former anywhere in Melbourne. Okay, anywhere in Preston,which was as far as I was willing to travel. It looked a little messy, but it tasted fantastic. There was also an attempt at vegetable sculpting, but it didn’t go that well.


This cloudy looking number is Kalguksu, or vegetable noodle soup. To veganise, I added some mock abalone instead of the small clams called for in the recipe, and Massell beef-flavoured stock powder. It was really good, very tasty, and great with the sauce (a sesame, soy and ginger combination).

Doenjang jjigae

The main was a Tofu and vegetable stew, with pumpkin, shiitake and other mushrooms.  Worried that it would be too hot for Mr, I only used about half the chilli in the recipe, but ended up wishing I’d used it all, and we added some chilli sauce at the table.

I threw in the rest of the mock abalone and beef-flavoured seitan instead of the real stuff, and left out the clams. Otherwise I followed it to the letter, including making the stock from scratch, and to good results, although it wasn’t as tasty as I’d hoped.

All together

We laid it all out on our improvised box table (we don’t have room for a real one) and ate it with rice. Korean’s eat all the foods in one course, not religating soups to starters.

It was fun to cook so many dishes at once, something I’m not used to. However next time I will try to remember to make a little less if we are going to eat so many dishes in one meal! We were so full we could hardly make it to the main, and there was a lot left over for the next day.

Stay tuned for tomorrow and pancake rolls.


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  1. Niki says:

    Oh awesome! Check you out! I looooove deonjang jjigae, I find I usually need to add more of the soybean paste and some gochujang (chilli paste) and even a little soy sauce to get it super tasty seeing as you can’t do the anchovies or fish sauce (unless you got vegan fish sauce). This soup with a bowl of rice and a bowl of kimchi is a great dinner.

    And your mushroom skewers look yummy!

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