Introducing: Azerbaijan


This week the country of choice is Azerbaijan. This time Mr picked it, deciding he wanted to find out what people eat in the Caucasus. It looks hearty, tasty, and scarily meaty… we’ll see what happens.

The Basics

Azerbaijan is in the South Caucasus, has coastline on the Caspian Sea and shares borders with Iran, Armenia, Russia and Georgia. Azerbaijan was formerly part of the Soviet Union, and became officially independent in 1991. It is now a republic, with a President who is elected by the people every 5 years, as well as a Prime Minister and Cabinet of ministers.

Population: 8, 303, 512 est.

Demographics: Median age is 28.5yo, 52% of the population lives in urban areas. The majority of the people are Turkic and Muslim. Most people speak Azerbaijani (also called Azeri).

Capital City: Baku

The Links:

This week I have no book this with which to plug the fabulousness that is the Moreland Libraries, as apparently there hasn’t been a lot written about Azeri food. Instead, I have been trawling the internets, and can send you to these links for recipes, information and table manners!

An article about the changing face of Azeri food:

An article about table manners and ettiquette in Azerbaijan:

A blog dedicated to Azeri (and other) food (this is where most of recipes will come from!):

Another explanation of Azeri food :

The Ministry of Culture (with recipes!):


Everything you ever wanted to know about Azerbijan can be obtained at the CIA world fact book, Azerbijan’s BBC webpage, or our old friend Wikipedia.


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