Azeri things I made before I got sick

I have a confession to make… I cheated a little. I actually did manage to make two Azerbaijani dishes before I got sick. So I’m gonna post them now, and have Fry’s schnitzle for dinner tonight 🙂

I made Dushbere, an Azeri dumpling soup, from the recipe over at AZCookBook, and Zebra cake, from a recipe at the same website (she really is fab). There are other recipes around, but I preferred to use the first one I found there.

The dumplung soup was tedios to make, and instead of getting 5-10 dumplings per spoon (!) I only got 1-2. Clearly I need to work on my tiny dumpling making skills.

I substituted mushed Sanitarium sausages for the mince, but I otherwise followed the recipe. It was so yummy, but I’m not sure its worth the work! I don’t have a photo, because I was in a bit of pain and forgot, but I can tell you it was yummy.

Earlier that day I also made Zebra cake. It is a chocolate and vanilla cake that is patterned to look like Zebra stripes. I have posted photos below, and it looks so pretty. I substituted silken tofu for the egg, and soy milk for milk. Mine was a little too wet, so I suggest only substituting about half as much tofu as egg, volume wise.

Zebra cake

It was so pretty that I’m going to appropriate the technique for an Orange and Chocolate Tiger cake, which will hopefully be in the book (a yet-to-be-named chocolate themed Vegan cookbook), whenever I finish it.


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