Azerbaijan: the verdict

It was a challenge to veganise this food, and the results would likely be unrecognisable to someone from Azerbaijan. The food we ate this week was tasty, warm and filling. I liked the different flavours, and the buttery, faux-meatiness of it all.

Some recipes, such as the sherbert, khangal, plov and eggplant rolls will probably get made again. The Zebra cake and kufta will stay on, with some changes. I didn’t get to make the dolmasi (stuffed vegies or vine leaves), or the shekerbura as I ran out of ingredients and time, but I’m sure they would have been delicious, too.

From this little expedition into Azeri food, my verdict is that it very flavouful and filling, but vegans are likely to have a lot of trouble finding real food in or from Azerbaijan.

What next?

First, I’m having some time out (as promised, blogging one week on, one week off) to visit some family and eat some healthy vegies and tofu. Then… I don’t know yet. Where do you want to see us go next?

Extra points for suggestions of countries that consume a lot of pumpkin, as my Aunty and uncle have kindly given us 3 whole pumpkins from their garden. Pop them in the comments section.


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