Could you love these kittens?

I have these cats, and they need homes. Can you help?

(Just to be very clear, this is NOT a food related post. Kitten meat isn’t exactly vegan, and also, that’s horrible!)

Let me tell you the story of Frances and Tobi/y. (or you can scroll down for photos of kittens). One day some months ago our neighbors knocked on our door. “Can you hear… kittens?”, they asked us. We went out the back, and after a bit of poking around between the two ‘courtyards’ (read: cement hallways behind the flats) we found one pissed off mumma cat and 6 gorgeous kittens. They were so tiny they still hadn’t opened their eyes, and couldn’t walk. They kept mewing and waddling into each other, falling over and dragging themselves by their front legs.

Mumma hissed and carried on, and took the kittens and hid them behind a surfboard while we went inside to work out what to do next. With intentions of catching, desexing and re-homing them all, we went to the corner shop, bought cat food, and fed her. She let us, but as soon as she was done she started jumping over the 6 foot high fence moving the kittens, one by one. We tried to track her down, but didn’t see her again.

2 months later (maybe more) who should turn up on our doorstep, looking much friendlier but still pretty skinny? And she had one kitten with her. Only one, we don’t know what happened to the others. We fed her (she ate a LOT, as did the kitten), and we’ve been firm friends ever since.

That was last week, so now we are again in the process of taking them in, with the view to getting them desexed and re-homed. Currently they come over at night for food and they sleep inside our place where it is warm, and then take off in the morning. They refuse to go to the toilet inside, and we can’t just keep them in until they explode. We don’t yet have a travel box, but once we do we’ll get the vet to check them out.

Both cats. Yes, its an odd photo, and yes one has shiny devil eyes, but they just wont stay still and pose.

But here’s the rub. We can’t keep them forever, as we’re away too much. We will hold on to them until we can find them suitable forever-homes, but we need you (yup, you) to help us find one.

We have named the mumma cat Frances, and she already responds to her name, although chances are she will respond to anything said in a high, sing-song voice by a person who gets the food. She is friendly, though a little timid, and fluffy and gorgeous, and really still a kitten herself.

Frances, the mumma cat

The kitten is Tobi/Toby, although he/she/? is so wild and timid that we can’t even get close enough to check for balls. Tobi/y doesn’t really interact with us, except to bite our toes, stalk our shoelaces, and eat the food we offer. S/he comes inside, eats, then hides under the couch, purring loudly and swiping at things that go past. S/he sleeps on a comfy chair in the loungeroom and likes to attack our front door mat (but not the carpet or couch, hooray!). We have been playing with Tobi/y using a scarf I don’t like. The kitten chases it, but if you make eye contact it freaks out.

Tobi/y, the kitten

Frances would suit just about any home, although she likes to be outside during the day. She is gentle, but will need some training if you don’t like the way she scratches/bats at you and then walks to the door when she wants to go out (repeatedly if you don’t get it right away).

Tobi/y is, as stated, very timid, very active, and would suit a home that give him/her the patience and love s/he will need to become people friendly. Tobi/y is a kitten, and will chew things and scratch things for a while, although so far s/he’s kept it to stuff we’re ok with.

I don’t mean to make them sound like hard work, I just don’t want to send them home with someone only to be dumped later.

If you feel you could provide a home for either or both of these delightful creatures (forever- no unsure or irresponsible people need apply), please let me know. We will ask you questions, would prefer families or those in stable living arrangements, and would appreciate a donation to the cost of the vet visits we make, if we don’t find a home before we take them (I know, stingy, but we’re pretty stuck at the moment).

Comment to get in contact with me.

Hungry cats
Playing Cats

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