Tex-mex night

***Oddly, I published this yesterday, but it isn’t there. ??? anyway, if it comes up twice, that’s why.***

Tex-mex food is a sort of knock-off of actual Mexican food, eaten and created in Texas (and all over the States). I can’t find reliable info on who created these dishes, but it was either Mexican people working in Texas, or white people with a penchant for Mexican food.

For tex-mex night we had nachos and fajitas, both of which, as it turns out, were created in the US. I also made Key Lime pie because our limes were starting to look a bit un-limey and couldn’t wait to use them (they lose their colour as they get too old).

Nachos are one of my favourite junk foods. I love their mixture of crunch and smoosh, spicy and cooling, and of course the always tasty combination of cheese and tomato.  I wasn’t dissapointed this time- the nachos were a pile of warm, gooey, cheesy wonderfulness.

Nachos yay!

I used plain corn chips, mozzarella cheezly, tofutti sour cream and easy guacamole (just mash avocado with lime juice, salt, tobasco and some chopped onion). For the chili I used SusanV’s recipe from FatFreeVegan. I halved the beans and added a packet of vegan mince. The chilli tasted so good, deep, not too spicy, and we had the left overs for lunch with bread. It felt like a real treat, as usually I just use bought salsa.

I didn’t use a recipe to make the fajitas. After finding out what a fajita is supposed to be, I fried up some tofu strips, green and red capsicum and garlic with some cumin and chicken flavoured stock powder. I put the mixture in some tortillas, with some coriander and Jack Daniels BBQ sauce (accidentally vegan, very smoky and flavourful).

Fajitas and Smoky BBQ Sauce

Key lime pie was for dessert. It is named after Key Limes, which grow in Florida. Usually it is made similarly to lemon meringue pie, which is more familiar to us here in Aus. Before you read on, please know that I don’t have access to key limes, don’t know how to make a meringue without eggs, and didn’t realise it was supposed to be yellow.

I used a recipe for Keylimish Pie, in Lickin’ The Beaters, a vegan sweets cookbook given to me by a friend, who knows the author, Siue Moffat. The book is full of low fat vegan sweets, and while some recipes may be tricky to make outside of Canada and US, the vast majority are simple and yum. You can find out more about Siue here.

The recipe called for a crust made of crackers and apple sauce. I used Nice biscuits, margarine, soy milk and golden syrup instead. I followed the rest of the recipe, and added a little food colouring to make it green.

Keylimish Pie with wildberry ice-cream

It turned out to be a very tangy, but delicious lime dessert. If I make it again, I might add a bit more sugar, and make sure I use limes that aren’t just about off! We had it with a little ice cream, to cut through the tartness.

In all I was impressed with our tex-mex night. I’ll be making the chili again, and I might have another crack at the Keylimish Pie, too. I’m loving having a good excuse to eat junky food.

Next stop, mac and cheese!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. steph says:

    I always make my nacho topping/chilli – I find that bought salsa is a little bit thin, not quite so filling, and I think that made chilli makes the corn chips a lot squishier, which is important ;o)

    1. Keira says:

      You’re so right, as I recently found out 🙂 But we’ll have to disagree about the squishy corn chips… I’m a devout crunchy-chips girl!

  2. siuem says:

    HI! I like what you did with my Keylimeish Pie! So CUTE!!! I’ve added your blog link to my new blog: http://brokenheartvegan.wordpress.com
    I just made the Key Lime Shortbread from Vegan Cookies Invade with Key Lime Juice I got from Key West. Hella tangy and REALLY GOOD!

    1. Keira says:

      Thanks, and thanks for the linking. The recipe is in Lickin’ The Beaters, by Siue Moffat. It was pretty good. The shortbread sounds yum, too!

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