Hot Dogs and accidental vegan ingredients

The second thing I ever gave up when I gave up meat (the first time) was sausages. The first was meat pies. Its pretty easy to do, because while they are both very tasty, they’re also pretty darn gross. Since discovering vegan meat substitutes, sausages have been the second hardest thing to take on again, after pies.

Due to my unsubstantiated fear of meat-like vegan products I had not, until now, tried the Sanitarium Hot Dogs. I have gotten used the other sausages, but was not yet ready to embrace the weird red colour, and frankfurter flavour I remember from my childhood.

Well that ends now, because its time for vegan hot dogs. We made them new-york style, with white buns, onion sauce, tomato relish and mustard (with some extra tomato sauce thrown in for good measure.  They were stupidly delicious, felt junky, satisfying, and like they would indeed be the perfect food for taking in a live sportsball game. (sorry meat-pie, I’m just not that into you).

I didn’t get photos, because they were gone to quick! It was also the night of the desexing for mumma cat Frances, and she had been meowing like a crazy thing for about 4 hours by the time we came to eat, hopped up on whatever they give cats, so my mind was a little scattered.

I did, however get a few pics of my latest accidentally vegan find- white hot dog buns, from Coles.

I found them in my search for appropriate hot-dog-holding bread. I picked the packet up with trepidation in the supermarket, expecting to find a list of non-vegan numbers staring back at me from the ingredients list. Instead  found this:

Derived from vegetable sources yay!

These were fluffy, white, and practically tasteless (I’d forgotten that about white bread, its been so long). They were the perfect hot dog receptacle.

I don’t usually like big brands, especially those belonging to large supermarkets, evil price-gouging, farmer-f$$king, environment-destroying, small-business stomping creatures that they can be, but I would suggest using these if you are ever in need of hot dogs, and unable to get to a vegan bakery.

Thanks for sticking with me thus far. Next up, pizza!


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