“Romantic” fried chicken dinner and the best apple pie ever

When I think of a romantic dinner, I think candles, wine, maybe some music. Fried chicken and tv doesn’t usually come to mind. But that’s what we went with on Friday night, and it didn’t turn out half bad.

Candles = Romantic (also, flash=bad photo of candles)

I was already making the seitan (yeah, i totally made seitan) when Mr called sounding very tired. We decided to stay in and have a quiet night together, which to be fair, takes hardly any discussion, as it’s what we usually do.

Non-alcoholic, fizzy, sweet "wine"

Mr sounded like he needed a pick-me-up, so I decided to try to make it a little more romantic than usual. Also, I was avoiding doing an assessment. So while the seitan was setting, I went to the shops and bought some “wine”, and got a copy of a “romantic” dvd from the library. Ok, I got carbonated non-alcoholic dark grape beverage and Season 4 of the West Wing, but you get the idea. Oh, and we don’t drink, so don’t own wine glasses, so the “wine” was served in ordinary glasses. Class? We haz it.

For eats, I had already decided Friday would be the time to try a very American meal of fried chicken, vegies and apple pie.

Simmering Seitan

I used the recipe from Vegan YumYum to make the seitan. I didn’t make any tweaks, but the reader should beware that I ended up with enough seitan to fee about 6 people, not just 2.

The recipe says that you have to be careful not to boil it, as it may turn out rubbery. I avoided boiling, but may have had the temperature down to low, as it turned out a little soft. Mr loved it, but I found the texture a bit creepy.


We had it with roasted potatoes, greens and white beans, and steamed carrots. We have everything with carrot at the moment, because we just evicted a crop from our garden to make room for beans.

For dessert, I made apple pie. I used this recipe as inspiration, and it turned out wonderfully. Crisp, flaky pastry, no burned edges, yummy not-too-sweet apple filling.

I substituted the 6 tbs each of butter and shortening that the recipe called for with 8 tbs of Nuttelex lite and and 4 tbs of canola oil, which seemed to do the trick. The secret is keeping everything very cold, which isn’t too hard in our chilly kitchen at the moment.

We had it with some packet-mix custard. I could go on and on about it, it was seriously delicious!

A slice of Pie

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