America: The Verdict

I enjoyed learning about some US food, although I know I’ve really only scratched the surface.

For the most part it was rich, sweet, and enormously portioned (be careful with your recipe serving sizes, they were bigger than we’re used to and I always had left overs). There were some dishes I just wasn’t that keen on. It turns out that okra just isn’t my thing, and I wasn’t that into the hot dogs with fluffy white bread, either.

I loved the pumpkin bread, the key-limish pie, apple pie, pigeon peas and rice, dirty rice, beans and cornbread, and mac and cheese, and I’ve always been enamoured with all things tex mex.

Truth is I had already moved on from America when I realised I’d forgotten to give it a verdict. Shame on me. However, that probably does sum it up. It was fun while it lasted, but now its on to new endeavours, and in particular, fresher, greener ones.

So, thanks USA, but now its on to ….Japan!


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  1. nice sharing, hands on your health

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