Scattered Sushi

Scattered sushi, or bara sushi, or chirashi, is basically just potential sushi fillings/toppings arranged over rice in an interesting way.

Some people make it by actually just scattering the toppings, but others pay a great deal of attention to presentation. There are so many gorgeous scattered sushi pics around, and to get an idea of what you can do I suggest you run an image search for chirashi.

For my scattered sushi I made a pot of sushi rice, and tossed it with some toasted sesame seeds. I then topped this with some simmered veg (capsicum, mainly), thinly chopped carrot and daikon radish (to replicate the orange colour of shredded omelette), wakame, marinated tofu, zucchini, simmered mushrooms, cucumber and wasabi leaves.

It was a serious challenge of my knife skills. Just as I was basking in the glory of my perfect, tiny, carrot and daikon sticks:

So tiny they've become translucent!

… I had to sigh a little at my zucchini flowers. they were so dodgy that they ended up looking a lot more like stars. Kinda.

Zucchini stars. Lacking a little. (and half of them were only half a star!)

We ate our bowls of scattered such with some extra soy sauce and wasabi. It was a filling and healthy meal, although a little lacking in flavour for my liking. I’d love to try it made by someone who knows what they’re doing!

Here’s what it looked like being prepared:

First- rice with sesame seeds
Carrot and daikon
Everything else!
Wasabi leaf - fun to make

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