Introducing- Tunisia

After a week off, we’re back, and heading to …Tunisia!

Where is it?

Tunisia, or the Tunisian Republic, is a North African nation on the Mediterranean Sea, bordering Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast. The capital is Tunis, located on the Gulf of Tunis, across the Mediterranean from Marsala.

There it is! Courtesy of About

People and politics

Population: 10 589 025 Million

Demographics: The median age is 29.7, the fertility rate is 1.71 (children born per woman), 98% of all people are Muslim, 1% are Christian and 1 % are Jewish.

Economy: the national GDP per capita is $8000. 3.8% of the population have incomes below the poverty line (note that standards differ, and I don’t know what they are for Tunisia). They have approximately 14% unemployment.

Language: The official language is Arabic

Tunisia is considered to be the 27th least democratic country in the world, according to the Economist’s Democracy index. There are several opposition parties, and general elections have been held, making it a Presidential Democracy in theory, however this is reputedly just for show, and Amnesty International reports that severe human rights abuses continue, and Reporters Without Borders claim that journalists in Tunisia are among the least free in the world.

Other stuff about Tunisia

The ancient city of Carthage (seat of power for the Carthaginian Republic) is/was located in Tunisia, on the coast, near the modern capital, Tunis. The ruins are still there.

They have a very pretty flag. See:

So, that’s a brief (very brief) run down on Tunisia…. watch this space for some food. Mediterranean meets African, its going to be yum!

As per usual, you can find info on Tunisia at Wikipedia, the CIA World Fact Book, and here.


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  1. arabian rose says:

    I’m tunisian and I wish your essay about my country was more detailed and informative;) I ‘m at your disposal if you need any help:)

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