How do you say “Epic Fail” in French?


According to the internets, it can’t be translated well, but a literal translation would be, “échec épique”.

In French or in English,those are the best words to describe my attempt at creme caramel.

I had this great idea, to make one with coconut milk and agar agar. It could have been great.

I should have realised I was doomed when my first attempt at caramel turned into a hard toffee that as so hot it cracked my ramekin. but instead of admitting defeat, I slowly cleaed the toffee out of the saucepan, and started again.

I heated the sugar, added the coconut cream, soy milk, agar agar and vanilla. I heated, I boiled, I whisked. I made the caramel sauce, and this time it didn’t trun to glass. I poured it into tea cups, my ramekins having given their lives for the cause. I followed with the cream mixture. I refridgerated, and I crossed my fingers.

When the time came to turn them out, I held my breath. Images of sloppy messes and puddings stuck in their bowls came to mind. Would it refuse to come out? Would it slip out at an awkward angle and end up a pile of mush?

When they slid out neatly, I just about cried tears of joy. Had I only known what was to come.

Innocently looking alright in this photo. It lied.

A little extra caramel was poured on top and it was time for the eating. And that’s when we realised that the creme caramel had separated into three distinct layers.

On top was a sweet but almost inedibly-hard caramel/jelly layer. On the bottom was a layer of semi-translucent, flavourless coconut fat. In the middle was the only truly edible layer, a creamy, slightly sweet coconut mousse.

You can see why I have decided not to post the recipe. My mistake? Using coconut cream instead of coconut milk, over cooking the caramel, not letting the mixture sit before turning into ramekins/tea cups, using too much agar agar, and well, generally attempting to make it without a recipe.

Its a risky game, cooking by the seat of your pants.

And now, a photo for your amusement.

Le creme caramel de fail

Mr ate the whole thing. Bless him.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy says:

    Aw. It’s a noble cause – good on you for trying!

  2. Hannah says:

    You completely could have gotten away with pretending that was amazing… it looks fantastic! I know it doesn’t look like a creme caramel should, but the layered look is fun. I think I shall pretend it was scrumptious and drift away on imaginings…

    1. Keira says:

      Thanks…. yeah, it was so pretty… net time i’ll go lower fat, less agar, and we’ll see what happens.

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