Hot Chocolate, how I love you

Hot chocolate is perhaps my favourite way to chase away the winter shivers, and its even better when its home made. I could write an essay on all the different ways to make fantastic vegan hot chocolate, but this isn’t the time.

Today, its time to talk about Mexican hot chocolate.

I tried two kinds of Mexican hot chocolate this week: Basic, everyday, hot chocolate, and Champurrado, a thick hot chocolate drink made with masa dough. I didn’t want to limit myself to just one, Mexico being the birthplace of chocolate, after all.

Box of Mexican chocolate disks

I bought a packet of “proper” Mexican chocolate from AztecMexican. Its very different from chocolate as we know it. This was dark, had a rough texture and visible raw sugar crystals, and was very dry in comparison to the chocolate we’re used to in Australia. This version also had cinnamon in it, meaning I didn’t need to add any to the pot.

Disk of chocolate

The basic hot chocolate is very simple to make. Just take 1 cup of vegan milk (soy, rice, oat, almond, whatever), and heat it, careful not to burn or boil, in a small saucepan. When its hot, add the chocolate, and whisk until it is melted, well combined, and a little frothy. Then drink.

Mmmm, steaming hot chocolate

The champurrado is a little harder. It is similar to ordinary hot chocolate, but its thickened with masa dough (corn meal), and flavoured with anise. I used this recipe, substituting a mixture of soy and almond milks for the dairy, and using golden syrup instead of molasses. It turned out a little grainy, but otherwise fab, the anise adding a bit of a kick to it.

Not frothy, but nice and thick- Champurrado

In both cases, Mexican cooks use a molinillo to work up a froth, which I found almost impossible using a whisk. I don’t know if it was my inadequate utensils, my lack of whisking ability, or the substituted milk, but in any case, the best we got was a few lack-lustre bubbles.

Froth or not, I’ve been drinking hot chocolate all week, and I’m pretty darn happy about it 🙂 Up with chocolate!

Almost real froth!

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