I cheated on this recipe. There, I said it. I didn’t use anything like a traditional, authentic Mexican recipe. I didn’t even use a recipe. I sorta just made these up.

This was because i was having trouble differentiating the TexMex from the Mex on the net, the library was out of Mexican cook books (they’re back now, of course), and I actually made this before Niki posted her helpful comment.

So, I decided to make tacos, using the wonderful soft corn tortillas I got at AztecMexican. I made Salsa Roja (tomato and chilli) and Salsa Verde (green capsicum, cucumber, onion and chilli), and fried up some tofu with liquid smoke and teriyaki sauce (an oddly wonderful combination) to go with it. I added some mashed avocado, and suddenly we had a really fresh, tasty dinner, that was, almost, Mexican.

So I hope you don’t feel cheated by my cheating, but I wont be adding anything more about the origin of tacos, or any traditional recipe. Instead, I’m just adding the photos, and as a bonus for anyone who does feel cheated, a picture of our cats, Frances and Toby.

Corn Tortillas
Salsa Roja
Salsa Verde
The spread
A delicious soft taco
Awkwardly sleeping cats

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lori says:

    That looks like a great taco dinner. Who cares if it’s authentic Mexican if it tastes great?

  2. Kate says:

    yum, tacos!

    eee. kitties!

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