Picadillo and a Bean Bonanza

Picadillo is a mince-based dish, sometimes eaten alone, and sometimes used as a filling for various tortilla dishes like burritos and tacos. It is served in many countries, including the Phillipines, and is basically just mince and vegetables.

I used this recipe from MexicanFoodie and served it up with some rice cooked with tomatoes, chillies, capsicum and onions, as a sort of Mexican Risotto.

It was the perfect weeknight dinner- fast, filling, tasty, and with a nice protein hit from the vegan mince we used.

Picadillo and rice - not exactly photogenic

On the last day of Mexico week, it was time to make refried beans. I had a lot of bits and pieces in the cupboard and the fridge, and decided to turn this into meal less ordinary, with some inspiration drawn from Vegan Mexican Food’s 7 layer Fiesta Bean Dip.

I used variations on this recipe to produce to versions of refired beans: a typical kidney bean version with chilli, and my own canellini (white) bean version with some nooch, liquid smoke and cumin.

I made a quick red salsa and green salsa, and mashed some avocado, then layered them to make a 5 layered bean dip in the colours of the Mexican flag (kinda, and with repeats).

It was tasty and filling, and I served it with steamed vegies and some bread. Top marks, if I do say so myself, for creative use of fridge dregs.

Layers - not exactly neat, but you get the idea
Its pretty from this angle

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