Beans and Bananas

On our third and final night of Tanzanian eating, we tried coconut bean soup and baked green bananas in orange syrup.

The coconut bean soup includes kidney beans, rice, coconut, tomatoes, curry powder and sweet green pepper (I’m starting to detect a theme here). In the information I have dug up about Tanzania, it seems that soups are usually served quite thick if they are going to be used as a meal unto themselves, however the recipes I found for this soup all seemed to be of ordinarily-thin soup consistency.

Just this once, I decided not to muck with a recipe at all, and used this version. I noted though that every version of this recipe is identical, or very close. I don’t know if its a very basic and well-known recipe, or if someone is cheating. If its the latter, I hope credit eventually falls to whom it is due, because this soup was delicious!

Mmm, coconut bean soup

Creamy, gently curry-flavoured, and full of beans and grains, it was just right for another cool and rainy Melbourne night, and filled us up in a way not all soups do.

For dessert, I attempted to make baked green bananas in orange syrup. I say attempted, because while I bought green bananas on grocery day, I then got busy for a few nights and didn’t actually make this dish until they were ripe. Also, I made waaaaay too much syrup. I don’t know if I read the recipe wrong, or if I didn’t boil it for long enough (I recently made accidental toffee due to boiling syrup for too long, and now I’m a little conservative in my syrup-making). In either case, I didn’t quite end up with the desired result. If you’d like to give them a try, this is the recipe I used.

They were supposed to look like this:

But instead they looked like this:


I baked them and baked them, but there was no browning to be seen. Eventually, at 9.30, we just gave in and ate them as they were.

However, they were still pretty yum, and it was a nice sweet treat with soy ice cream following a creamy, hearty soup, and we were both pretty satisfied. And anyway, who doesn’t want more syrup?


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