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I’ve been loving everyone’s VeganMoFo posts, which I’ve just caught up with this morning. November (and October before it) have been for me more like VeganMoPho – Month Of Phones. So, so busy at the moment, and my phone rings constantly. (On Friday night I turned my phone off at midnight, and had two missed work calls when I got up in the morning at 8am).

I haven’t had time to write, but I have (of course!) found time to cook. I’ll post some RoundTheWorld updates soon (we’ve been doing Belarus and the Philippines) but for now I want to gloat about some recent kitchen successes.

Success number 1 – home made pasta

Home made pasta
Homemade pasta

I LOVE homemade pasta. I learned to make it at high school, and have made it as often as I can ever since. It had been a while, and I had a Sunday afternoon to myself, so I whipped some up.

My ‘recipe’ is really based on what it should look and feel like, so it isn’t easily recordable. However, I can give a description. It is really very easy. I get some good Type 00 white flour, and put in on a bench in a volcano shape. Make a well. Add water slowly, a little at a time, slowly mixing the flour in. Keep doing this until you form a dough that is light, malleable, and not too sticky. If it is too dry, add water, if it is too wet, add flour.

Flour the bench and knead just until the dough is smooth. It should be consistent and not have lumps or dry bits. Let the dough rest for a while, until you can poke it and the indent doesn’t shrink back much ( a little is ok). This takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on how long you had to knead it.

Now, roll it out and cut it into shapes. I have a pasta maker to do this, but usually I just use a rolling pin and a knife.

Cook the pasta for about 7 minutes in boiling water with a little olive oil. Top with anything you like. I used facon, cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, olive oil, lemon juice, almonds, spinach, capers and broad beans. Yum!

Success 2 – Fridge Dregs Feast

The next success came on a weekday morning, before work. We had lots of vegetables, but no soy or beans to speak of. It was going to be hot and I didn’t feel like eating a bake or nut roast, or coming home and cooking.

Instead, I decided to take some mezze/antipasti inspirations, and went to town with the vegies at the bottom of my fridge before work.

The result was: Sun dried zucchini with mint, ‘Honey’ roast carrot and parsnips, almonds, olives, quinoa, dregs ratatouille, and saffron potatoes. No recipes for this one, just a dodgy pic.

Fridge Dregs Feast

Success 3 – Garden soup and potato salad

The most recent success was last week, when we had (again) not much in the fridge, but LOTS in the garden.

Check out the garden haul:

Broad beans, kale, silverbeet, onion, spinach and herbs!

I decided I wanted potato and broad bean salad (I love this combo), and wanted to eat the greens in a soup.

Again, no recipes for this, just pics:

Green soup

A fried decided to come round for dinner (yay!) so I added some fry’s strips to the potato salad mix, to make it go a little further. It was an awesome combination, and I will definitely do it again. I added some oregano, watercress and rosemary from the garden, too.

Boss potato salad with strips, broad beans and herbs

And that’s it for the moment.

Hopefully I’ll be posting on the theme again shortly… that said, my phone just got a message.


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