I’ll introduce Belarus a little later…

…today, I’m just going to tell you about what I’ve been cooking from Belarus instead!

Draniki and Machanka

Draniki are little potato pancakes, eaten with sour cream and a meat and lard sauce, Machanka. So, you know, a variation on the general theme of meat, potatoes and lard that seems to be found throughout Belarussian cuisine.

The original draniki recipe calls for grated potato held together with egg, but I used a little more flour than called for, and some home made soy milk. They held their shape fine. I also added a little salt and pepper, because I’m wild like that (and I wasn’t sure my mock-up of “meat and lard sauce” was gonna be palatable).

I used a tiny bit of olive oil, some very well cooked onion, some tvp mince and some Massel beef style stock to create the sauce. For good measure I threw in some facon at the last minute. It turned out something between a sauce and a soup, with chunks of mince and facon floating in it. It was tasty, but it had a texture I wasn’t that into.

Draniki on the left, Machanka in the cup, and steamed veg on the right

I served our machanka and draniki with a little dollop of Tofutti sour cream and a nice big side of steamed greens and carrots in an attempt to balance out all that mock and oil.

The draniki were delicious, if a little oily – I don’t use kitchen paper towel, but haven’t yet found a good solution, as my tea towels always leave everything fluffy. I might try them again one day, but cook them in the oven with a LOT less oil.

and one in pink

A little shout out here to my Mum for giving me those beautiful cups for my birthday, and to their creater, who did a truly awesome job. I wanted to credit her, but I lost her business card. (mum, can you comment?)

I love them. I use them for tea, for sauces and whatever else I can. They’re dishwahser and microwave safe (which would be fab if I had either one) and feel really nice and solid in your hands.

Things I’m loving on VeganMoFo:

K’s posts on arranging spices and making honeycomb. Yum.

Tahn of Vegan Family vs Omni World, and the lentil biccies. I’ll have to try them.

Everyone’s ice -cream making. I think I know what I’m getting with my (still unspent!) birthday monies now.


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  1. Tahnea says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out 🙂 I’ve tried making K’s honeycomb and IT ROCKS!!! Do it! I, too, have been loving the icecream posts. I’ve been looking for an icecream maker for ages, but it seems winter is not the ideal time to buy one! I have found a cuisinart one but it’s waaaayyy out of my league (money wise!). If you find a cheaper one, I’d love to know about it!!

    1. Keira says:

      I will let you know if I find an icecream maker that isn’t too pricey.

      I generall try to do most things second hand, so I’m just looking on ebay. There are a few there:)

  2. Mumma says:

    I finally tracked down the name and web site for the ceramics you have. Amorelita Designs. Amorelita means “beloved and strong” which is how the designer feels about her pieces. See more about these individual and lovely pieces at amorelitadesigns.com and also have a look at photos and comments from the artist at http://www.theolivetreemarket.com.au.

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