Holodnik and apple pie

This is the last of the Belarussian posts – I actually wrote it ages ago, but got so busy, I forgot to post it.


Holodnik is chilled soup, and this one is made of beetroot.

We have had beetroot growing in the garden for months, and this week it was finally time to pull ‘em out and give them a try. I was so exciting picking the biggest one in the garden, puling it out and admiring its pretty purple colour.

I got it inside, washed it, and sliced into it. Alas, it was white inside, with just the occasional  light pink streak. Has anyone else come across this before? Did we plant white beetroot? Did we pick it too early? Do we have crappy soil? Let me know if you know what we did.

In any case, I fished out the last tiny CERES beetroot, and cut them both up. I boiled and vinegared and sugared, and then blended them together. In the end you could hardly tell the difference.

Holodnik, vegan style

Mr loved this soup, being a big fan of both beetroot and cold soup, but I wasn’t so convinced. I found it a little vinegary and sweet for me – sorry beetroot, but we just don’t have any chemistry.

Apple Pie

I found a recipe for a yummy looking apple pie on the blog “Belarussian Food”. Its mre of a slice or a cake, by Australian standards.

The recipe calls for a sour apple, called ????, but I just used the apples we got from CERES (pink lady or sundowner I think), as I wouldn’t have a clue where to find Belarussian sour apples in Melbourne.

It relies pretty heavily on egg, which I would usually replace with tofu, but I wanted to go a little easy on the soy, so I used some flour, spelt milk, egg replacer, and corn flour.

The batter tasted fab, so I covered the apples in it, and popped it in the oven.

It coloured nicely, smelled lovely, and held together well. Actually, it held together a little too well. Clearly I had gone a little overboard with the corn flour and egg replacer, as it had an odd rubbery texture I hadn’t expected.

Vegan Belarussian Apple Pie - tasted better than it looks

It tasted good, if a little bland (probably due to the lack of sour from my apples), and was a nice warm, not too unhealthy end to the meal.


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