Sinangag – The Fried Rice of Awesome

When I first looked at this recipe, I was unsure about fried rice without soy sauce. Could it be done? It was certainly prettier, but would it taste any good? Would it fulfill my salty/fatty/carby cravings?

As it turns out, it has become my very favourite way to cook up white rice. I even ate it for breakfast in the office on more than one occasion during the election campaign.

Vegan Sinangag

I used the recipe from Simple Comfort Food, which you can find here. I made some change, of course. I subbed Cheating Bacon Style Strips for the ham, I left out the egg, and I used garlic powder and garlic shoots (from the Preston Market) instead of garlic, because I couldn’t find any that wasn’t from Mexico or China, which seems a very long way to ship garlic.

It was ramped-up to the very garliciest of garlic wonderfulness. I love garlic, I think I’ve said it before. Mr isn’t such a fan of the anti-vampiric bulbs, but even he enjoyed the fried rice (although he did request a leetle less garlic for the next time).

We probably had it with some vegetables as well, but it was a while ago, and now I can’t remember – this may be the theme of the week.


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