Beans and Sausage and Philipino Spring Rolls

Ah, the perils of waiting too long between cooking the thing and writing about the thing. I can’t for the life of me remember the real name of this bean dish, or anything much about it, except that it was good.

A mixture of tomatoes, green capsicum, beans and sausage, it was similar to an Italian salad, but had very Spanish flavours. Really yum.

I do remember, also, that it was the first time I had tried the picnicker sausages from The Radical Grocery Store, and I have been completely in love with them since!

Unfortunately, you’ll just have to make do with a picture, because that’s everything I remember!:

Philipino Beans and Sausage

I remember a lot more about the spring rolls.

Philipino spring rolls are called Lumpia. They have a slightly different filling than chinese spring rolls – relying more on beef and garlic, although they still include the cabbage and other vegetables. To make mine, I used frozen spring roll wrappers, not trusting my think-pancake-type-food skills, and I used tempeh as the main filling ingredient, along with lots of cabbage.

I usually love spring rolls, but I wasn’t so hot about these. I think that’s due to the tempeh filling which had a very bitter flavour for some reason. If I make them again, I will use seitan, tofu or just vegetables.





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