Gintaang Talong and Adobong Gulay

Gintaang Talong is Eggplant in Coconut milk. Similar to the squash in coconut milk, but much simpler. Basically, you just get some eggplant, and simmer it in coconut milk. Easy.

I used the recipe from which has an excellent section on vegetarian Filipino foods.

It turned out like this:

mmm, yummy eggplant

So, sort of grey, and not super appetising, but actually quite nice, if a little bland.

We had it with Adobong gulay, or vegetables cooked in vinegar and soy sauce. I have read the Adobo is a quintessential Filipino meal, so i thought I’d better give it a try.

I used the recipe from the book I mentioned in an earlier post (the title of which I can’t remember, but its blue and at the Coburg Library) But this recipe from is similar. I used potatoes as the vegetable, I used apple cider vinegar and I added tofu to get some protein on our plates. The recipe I used called for tinned tomatoes, but none of the net versions do, so do what you feel, I guess. This was very yummy, and quite sour to my tastes.

Potato Adobo

Filipino food should be served with very different flavours on the same plate – the people pride themselves on their interesting palate, and like to have spicy, salty, creamy, sweet and sour flavours in contrast to each other. To stay at least a little traditional, we had the creamy, almost bland eggplant and the tangy, sour adobo together, making for a stark contrast. This was different for me, as I usually try to match flavours, but it was tasty and fun.

Flavours at war



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