Have Trangia, will travel

Wow, long time no update.

Well, I back and well and truly settled in at home again now, and starting to work on the projects for this year – namely working on the Friendly Chocolate Cookbook, which has found a publisher in Aduki, helping the Greens for the by-election in Broadmeadows (because Brumby is a sore loser and has decided to take back his promise to the people of Broady and waste some public money), and getting us ready to ship out in March. Whew!

I’ll get back to scheduled programming soon, but first I wanted to do a bit of a vegan camping round up. So, here we go…

Our Vegan Camping Menu

I love camping, but I really, really don’t love the bought baked beans and tinned spaghetti that tend to go with it. So, I improvised.

To do it well, there are two things to remember. 1) buy vegies and protein as you go if possible, 2) pack really well.

Mr has always been the prepared sort, and has a huge camping box with the Trangia, spoons, plates, etc. I have added to it and always pack sauces, a few herbs, stock powder, cooking oil, some olives, tomato sauce, mustard, margarine (it wasn’t too hot), sugar, long life milk, cereal, chocolate, rice, tinned beans, tinned tomatoes, and anything else that will fit.

Here’s what we had on our trip:

Sausages on the Trangia!

We had sausages with lettuce from Nanna’s garden (Mr.’s) and delicious fairtrade sauces we got for Christmas.

Rice and beans, gourmet style

Rice and beans get an overhaul. Yum! That’s quick brown rice with vegies and herbs, and creamy beans with olives and tomatoes.

Sago plum pudding
Fruit Cake

It doesn’t look great here, but Mr.’s Nanna gave us a whole pudding and a fruit cake to take with us on our journey – they made excellent breaky, dessert ad snacks, and kept us happily full for most of a week.

We also had tomato rice, sauted mushrooms, and Morrocan flavoured black beans, which I didn’t get a photo of.

Tomato Rice

This stuff is vegan, available in supermarkets, and is a good way to speed up the cooking process if you don’t want to spend 45 minutes at the BBQ table.

A Trangia is a brand of camping stove, which works on metho:

The Trangia

The very best thing about camping cooking? The view!

A beach in Merimbula




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