Lentils for wealth

In parts of Italy, people eat lentils at New Year to bring wealth. They are also eaten throughout the year, braised, stewed or in soups. I made some basic braised lentils and served them with a mixed bean salad.

We may have missed New Years, but hey, the year hasn’t progressed too much yet, so we may still be in with a chance to affect our fortunes.


I’m not a lentil-lover at the best of times, and I was really off my game here. I dont know if it was the lack of salt (we’re trying to cut back), the addition of carrots, or just the lentily-ness, but they tasted quite bland.

Pretty oregano sprig makes up for lack of flavour

The beans were yum, just steamed and then drizzled with olive oil and some chopped sundried tomatoes, but the pairing made for a very fibrous (read: chewy) meal.

Yummy bean salad

The saving grace of the meal was dessert (of course!).

I recently bought an ice cream machine, and I’ve been playing with it a lot. I made some Mango and passionfruit gelato, from a recipe in The Mediterranean Cookbook, by Joanna Farrow and Jacqueline Clarke. I substituted coconut milk for the dairy.

It was very very tasty!

mmm, gelato



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