More Italian Stuff

There are a few Italian things I didn’t get around to making this time, partly due to a 10 hour, unconsummated hospital visit (everyone is fine) which will have to repeated sometime this week partly due to stupid drunk people who had accidents on Australia Day. This means that sadly I used up all the vegies I had planned to make antipasti with in a midnight stirfry, and also used some of the ingredients intended for polenta.

There are a few Italian things I have made though, which haven’t made it into the blog so far.  This is a post about them.

Tomato Bread

I love making bread – its very calming, it smells good, and there’s just something satisfying about easting home made bread. This one has tomato paste and chopped sun dried tomatoes in it. I made one loaf, and one group of tomato scrolls, with extra tomato paste, cheezly and olives.

The loaf

Big Salads

Contrary to what the posts might show, we have also been eating a lot of delicious vegies! Here are a few pics as proof.

Big sweet potato and brocoli salad

Berries and mint salad dressing
Roast onion and tomato salad
Bean and facon salad


I made Brushcetta with my home made tomato bread. I don’t seem to have a picture, which is sad because it was very pretty. So, you’re just gonna have to trust me that it was fab. We used mashed cannellini beans with lemon juice, and a mixture of chopped tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and olive oil. Yummy lunch.


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