Risi e Bisi and vegan “meat” balls

Maybe the best thing about risi e bisi is that the name rhymes. Its really just a plain-ish risotto with peas, although there are variations around, such as using mashed peas and slid peas, and turning it into a soup.

Again, I won’t post a recipe, as risotto isn’t rocket science, but I will give some links to various variations: Basic version, minty version, mashed verion – in italian, and a review of the recipe in 1000 vegan recipes.

risi e bisi

I refuse to put carrots and peas together in anything but soup, because something about it gives me the creeps (memories of cold peas pushed under mash maybe?). So my version uses an onion and garlic risotto with vegie stock, peas, and a little vegan cream cheese to creamy it up.

We also had some meat balls, served in tomato sauce. I made my usual home made tomato sauce, but added some zucchini, and made lemon-flavoured balls out of barlotti beans, bred crumbs, lemon zest, lemon juice, dried sage, vegan worcestershire sauce, golden syrup, soy sauce, and coated in flour and shallow fried.

vegan meat balls

They were delicious, but they were a bit loose and light, and next time I might sub some of the bread crumbs for something a little more substantial, like nuts or quinoa.



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