Gnocchi, and the end of Italy week

Home made gnocchi

I had forgotten all about making gnocchi, until I found this photo.

I loosely followed the recipe from Vegan Yum Yum, ans served it up with tomato sauce (boy have we eaten a lot of that lately), and a big salad of lettuce, basil, mint and silverbeet from our garden, and some cucumber from a friend’s garden.

I love Italian food, and had a lot of fun and a bit of zen making bread, pasta, gnocchi and tomato sauce from scratch. It was fun having a lot of ways to use the tomatoes which are everywhere and very ripe at the moment.

I didn’t get around to making polenta, partly due to circumstances outside of my control, and partly because its just not my favourtie.

Next up is Brazil, I think, and maybe a pit-stop while I try to find out what to make with the four most available foods in Pohnpei: Bananas, Breadfruit, Taro and Yams.



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