What’s for dinner Micronesian vegan?


Knock on wood, but I think we might finally have working internets that won’t wildly vary and drop out all the time. Now there’s just the near-daily power outages to get between me and some quality blog time.

So many stories of lizards, the gym in the jungle, boat trips and new jobs, but this blog is about food, so let’s get to it.

We have recently moved into a real house with actual cooking facilities, which is unbelievably great. Once you’ve spent two weeks eating curry ramen (the only vegan one on the island and full of msg) raw cabbage and trying to heat up tinned re-fried beans in a sink full of water from the kettle and then eating them with huge, dry, over-salted pretzels, you’ll find that even just looking at a stove to leads to some kitchen dancing and leaps of unqualified bliss.

I’ve paid multiple visits to every shop in Kolonia, and I am now the proud owner of a reasonably well- stocked vegan pantry.  Spices can be hard to come by, although I have gathered and now have almost everything I need (but if anyone feels like sending a care package of some special spices my way, or agar agar or massell chicken stock for that matter, go right ahead). We also found brown rice, whole wheat pasta, silken firm tofu, tinned beans, dried lentils, and frozen spinach, so I’m pretty happy.

The Pohnpei Pantry

As I’ve mentioned before, finding fresh veg is the hard part, so meals usually just have one vegetable, or two (where one of them is carrot or potato) although we’ve been lucky enough to have had two containers come in since we’ve been here.

So, here’s what we’ve been eating:

Miso with Tofu and Kangkong
Braised Eggplant and Buckweat Soba
Salt and Vinegar Tofu and Kangkong (with the soba and eggplant)
Spinach and Black Beans and left over baked veg
Roast Veg and Country Fried Tofu

Just a little shout out: the kangkong, or morning glory, comes from the garden of my friend Ecky. Thanks Ecky!

Coming up: A breakfast special, spotlight on a few local vegan products, and (hopefully) lots of recipes for coconut, taro, yams, breadfruit and kangkong.


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