Brazil week- the menu


The menu for Brazil week was as follows:

  1. Green soup, caldo, and black bean salad
  2. Feijoada and sauted greens
  3. Dulce de Leit parfait with pineapple
  4. “Fish” Stew with Pumpkin and Chayote Salad
  5. Bonus- Dulce de leit ice cream

From memory, it was all pretty delicious.

1. Soup and a salad

Black bean salad

We had Caldo, a creamy green soup with potato, which was totally delicious. I served it with a cold bean salad, with black beans, bell peppers, chili and lime juice. The salad was great, but both Mr and I have always found it difficult to have cold beans make up the main part of a meal, which leads to not eating as much as we should and we were a little hungry later.
Next time I make it, I will have it as a side dish and not the main event.

2. Feijoada and Greens

Vegan Feijoada
Sauted Greens

    Feijoada is the national dish of beans, stewed with many kinds of meat. For my veganised version I used Cheaters Bacon slices, plain tofu ad some smoked tofu in place of the meats.

This was one of the best bean dishes I’ve tasted so far. Really spicy and with lots of flavour. I especially liked it with the smoked tofu.

The sauted greens were just some silverbeet from our garden, fried lightly with even more fake bacon and some cashews.

3. Caramel and pineapple parfait

Pinapple Dulce de Leit Parfait (tasted better than it looked)

 OMG. For this parfait I used a few brazillian ingredients to inspire a different dessert. I marinated the pineapple with star anise and cinnamon, as per the Vegan Table book, and made my own dulce de leit from coconut cream, white and brown sugars, golden syrup and a little corn flour.

I layered the pinapple and dulce de leit (or dulce de coconut-leit) and topped with some soyatoo vegan cream.

It was a totally divine dessert, but so sweet that we shared one and saved the other for the next night.

4. Stew and salad

"Fish" Stew without the Sea KittensPumpkin and Chayote saladFake fish sauce from sydney

The last main for Brazil week was a veganised “fish stew”. I opted to use tofu rather than mock, as Mr gets freaked out by fish smells and the mock is a little too close to home for him, so it is reserved for restaurants only. I also took the opportunity to use my vegan fish sauce, purchased in Green Gourmet, in Newtown on a recent trip to Sydney.

The fish sauce is tart and tangy, quite salty, and does a reasonable rendition of the fish sauce I remember, although it doesn’t quite replace the sweaty-sock flavour I loved so much. (I miss real fish sauce).

The stew was tomato based, with lots of fish sauce and herbs. It turned out pretty well, considering I used only tofu to replace all manner of small sea creature, but it isn’t something I’d make again.

(side note, have you seen the Sea Kittens campaign? Kinda cute. I don’t usually like PETA for their “oppress women, not animals” stance, but this one’s ok Examples of Peta sucking can be found here, here and here).

We had a chayote (choko) and carrot salad to go with the stew. It made for an odd combination, but I really liked the salad, much to my surprise.

5. Dulce de leit ice cream

Ice cream (in the dark, apparently)

Ok, so this isn’t a particularly authentic food stuff, but it was totally awesome, so I thought I should share.

All lucky Melbournians should have seen the Brazilian Soy Milke brand of condensed soy milk by now, right? Well, i used the caramel flavoured verson, added some coconut cream, cardamon and arrowroot and stuck it in an ice cream maker and got this. Drool worthy caramel ice cream.