Vegan Las Vegas (hard work)

Vegas. We had to do it, even if it is just lights, strippers and extra charges.

When I first realised we were heading to Vegas, I used the power of the google to see what vegan fare might be around. I was happy to see there was one blog about vegan options and even a casino which promised to have edible vegan options at every meal, at every restaurant.

What the google failed to mention was that without a car access to anything vegan was nearly impossible, and that the vegan options at the Wynne started at the $28 per person price point (including tax and tip) and that was for breakfast at the cheapest place, the buffet. Lunch was more like $35 per person, and dinner was unmentionably expensive.

So, trying to save dough, as doing so keeps us out of jobs for as long as possible, we went in search of other stuff.

Only three places really stood out in the end, so here they are in order of least to most.

The Buffet at the Flamingo Casino, where we stayed, actually had a couple of vegan options. I went once, for lunch, and I could make up a big meal out of the salad bar, make-your-own nachos and some steamed veg. Not the most exciting or protein-filled meal, but doable in a pinch. They also had a lot of fruit for dessert.

While the buffet was okay, I should point out that the casino gave us kind of a crappy stay. The room had someone guy’s stuff in it when we got there, it advertised as having a gym when actually the gym was privately run and stupidly costly, various things were broken or not as advertised, they wanted $14 per day for internet, and they were horrendously understaffed. Staff were nice but often seemed harried and tired, so I blame the management for being cheap and not employing enough of them.

Very pretty at night (from the outside, anyway)

Tamba Indian Restaurant is located on the strip, in the Hawaiin centre, near the Hard Rock Cafe. The website is here, but I warn you it is very Flashy and blasts loud music, so don’t click if that will disturb your chi (I nearly dropped my laptop when I clicked).

We went to Tamba twice, once for the lunch buffet, and once for dinner.

The dinner was fantastic, with the best chann masala I’ve ever had, and really fresh roti. The buffet was also good, with more than half of the options being vegetarian, and most of those vegan. The staff were friendly and understood what veganism is, which always makes things easier.

I didn’t get a photo, but trust me, it was good food and not too costly for the strip, so if you’re Vegas bound you should give it a try.


Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant was our favourite place in Vegas. Located just off the strip, at the Circus Circus end, it was very quiet and felt much further away from the hustle and lights than it really is.

You have the choice of ordering the vegetable combo or to pick your own dishes, or a mixture of both. We got the vegetable combo and shiro both times, and it was too much food for us each time. We did try to ask for less the second time, but it came out even bigger.

Bad photo of great food at Meskerem

All the dishes are served on injera, one of my very favourite foods. Everything was fantastic here – deep-flavoured shiro, spicy lentils, sour aletcha, and all around wonderfulness.

I can’t recommend this place enough. It was quiet in a way that makes me worry for its future, so if you’re in the area get over there and support a veg-friendly business!

Now to leave with you with a few photos, just ‘cos I can.

The real reason for going to Vegas: proximity to this!
The Grand Canyon - worth the Vegas food.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Louise says:

    Ha, i recently was in Vegas as well (stayed at the Flamingo too!)…found that almost every single restaurant on the strip has a portobello mushroom burger and that’s about it. Had a crappy, over-priced ONE and then that was it – ate ethnic the rest of the time. Wish I knew about the Flamingo buffet, but at least I found out (almost too late) that Steve Wynn is vegan so all his restaurants in his casino have a vegan menu by request.

    Just wish they didn’t charge $6 for “plain garlic rolls” …meaning bread rolls with no garlic or any flavour to speak of.

    Ps- Did you make it to Ronald’s Donuts?!

    1. Keira says:

      I didn’t make it to the doughnut place in the end, did you? Was it worth the trip?

      We didn’t end up trying the Wynn or Encore, just due to prices.

      Yup, we had a hard time finding much that was vegan. No ingredients listed for most things, which made it pretty hard. It was kind of a rude shock after visiting Portland and San Francisco – heck, even Salt Lake had better options.

  2. Louise says:

    We did check out the doughnut place, mainly because we had a rental car for a day (Hoover Dam sidetrip)…it was pretty awesome…2/3 shelves were vegan and they had soymilk for coffee.

    I think there are 20-something restaurants in the Wynn…we went to the cheapest, which was a pizza place…it was still way overpriced but we had a decent pizza with Teese cheese.

    Vegas is one of those places you have to go to but sure as hell don’t have to go back! (Especially if you’re vegan!)

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