The best of the rest: Canada

Yup, too much travel and not enough blogging!

We left Canada, and the whole North American continent a little while ago now, but its never too late to post reviews and pictures of vegan food from far away, so on we go!

As well as trying enough butter tarts to make me a little sick, I also sampled two other Canadian favourites- Poutine and Nanaimo Bars.


Poutine is a Quebec dish of hot chips (or french fries) smothered in gravy and cheese curds. If you can get past the question of what, exactly, a cheese curd is (I can almost hear you thinking, Katie), it sounds pretty good, right? Let’s face it, anything that is deep fried then covered in gravy and has the prospect of cheese is probably going to be good.

But where to find a vegan version? I was told it would be difficult, as most places don’t even have vego gravy, but it turned out to be as simple as a google search.

We headed to Poutini’s House of Poutineon West Queen Street in Torono in serach of the goods, and we were not disappointed. Poutini’s has many types of poutine available, including some with bacon and maple syrup, but only one vegan version (still, I’m not complaining).

Poutine on the street

We got ours to have in, as it was very cold (okay, maybe 15 degrees) given we’d been living in an eternal summer for the previous 9 months. The poutine was warm and mushy in a good way. The gravy was pretty tasty, though it still has nothing on that dastardly chicken-gravy I remember from post-night-out-munchings in Canberra, I’m sad to say. Poutini’s substitutes Daiya Cheese for the traditional curds.

Poutine is ready for its close up

My first Canadian poutine was tasty, warm and filling, and I can understand how it became the number 1 late-night/cold-night snack food. It will probably be my only poutine, however, as it just wasn’t enough to knock plain old chips with vinegar off my personal hot-chip podium.

Nanaimo Bars

I tasted the other of Canada’s favourite sweets courtesy of very fancy bakery, LPK’s Culinary Groove.

Nanaimo Bars are a slice with a graham cracker crust, a chocolate top and a filling made of frosting. I tried both the plain vanilla and the peanut butter version, and they were both really good. The filling was very fluffy, but so sweet that I couldn’t finish one in one go. Luckily refrigeration is a thing, so I got to eat a little bit of the bars every day we were in Toronto!

As with the poutine these were great, but a little too sweet to become an ongoing part of my at-home baking schedule.

(the photos for the bars appear to be lost, but I’ll add them when I find them).


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