I am sad to report that finding vegan food in Denmark is only a little easier than affording vegan food in Denmark.

To give you an idea of prices, an ordinary coffee costs about $7.

We found a specialty health food store who were the only stockists of tofu that we came across, City Helse, and found soy milk at one or two grocery stores. As for vegetables, Denmark has to import them all due to a harsh climate, so they are not as varied, available or cheap as I’m used to.  As with Scotland, it was a case of eating a lot of cabbage, potato and onion, and avoiding the horrible tomatoes.

Its possible to be vegan in Denmark, of course, but its not easy. There are not many veg places to eat, and of those most do not have reliable vegan options. Most of time, due to language and price issues, we ate at home, as its much easier to take your time and read labels (in Danish) than try to explain veganism to a stressed out waiter.

40 years ago a group Danes broke down the fence of an abandoned military site to create a park for their kids. Soon after the area was squatted and declared a free town – separate from the surrounding sea of Christianshavn. You can read all about it here

What does it matter? Well, Christiana is now home to a vegetarian cafe, which aren’t exactly common here, with vegan options, which is even less common. We stopped in for a bite to eat after we stumbled across it during our sight-seeing.

The atmosphere was great in this little, warm cafe. We shared a table with a group of people in their 50’s and 60’s who seemed to be having a meeting of some sort, and it was all smiles, even if there was a big language barrier.

We got the soup of the day, a lentil soup that tasted a little like lime pickle, but in a good way, and a chickpea salad with hommus and bread. I thought the food was good, but it really made an impression on Mr – he’s still talking about that hommus!

I don’t have any photos of the food here, as it against Christiana law to take photos in some areas, and I wasn’t sure if it would be a problem here, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that the food was good.


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  1. Veggie Vic says:

    Weeeeeell, two years later here I come to tell you that the rule not to take photos in Christiania is for the « green district », this is, the are where they sell marijuana, etc.
    So next time, go and take some beautiful snapshots of its amazing lakes, nature, and veggie food! (;

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