Vegan Italy in Photos

Not too much chatter from me today, because I have neither recipes nor reviews to share. Italy has such good produce, pasta and pizza, that we hardly went out at all, I was so happy to cook simply.

So, you’ll have to settle with vicariously enjoying what everything I ate and saw looked like. Belissima!

Graffitti – not by us, we just found it


OMG they have vegan chocolate croissants here (albeit heavily packaged)


Sunset somewhere in the mountains of Emilia Romagna


pasta with oil and herbs and ratatoullie


A sunny day in Buti, Tuscany


ValSoia Vegan meatballs, lemon risotto and glazed veg


Il Colosseo (which was closed due to flooding)


Spooky haloween pumpkin soup with lovely couchsurfers


Excellent gelato from Gelatone in Rome
At a fountain in a piazza eating vegan gelato


Vegan parpadelle with basic veg and olive oil


Best pizza in thw rold? Take out in Rome


Detail of a painted wall in Pompei
See, we also ate some food without wheat in it


Pizza with potatoes, apparently… oops, not quite what I meant. In Imola.


Pizza verdure senza mozarella in Rome


Sunset over Rome (From the Forum)

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  1. Aimee Hughes says:

    Bellissima! Thanks for sharing!

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