Happy Birthday Mumma!


Today is my Mum’s 50th Birthday (Happy Birthday Mum!), and earlier in the week we had a High Tea birthday party to celebrate.

Its no secret that one of my favourite things is to make little food and sweets, which is good, because one of my mum’s favourite things to do is eat little food and sweets 🙂 So my sister Katie, Mr, and my brother Jay all got in on the action and we cooked up a feast so pretty I figured I’d better share.

First things first, Katie was  charge of decorations, and she did such a great job. She op-shopped for cake stands and plates, and made everything totally gorgeous.

Katie's handiwork
The spread

The entirely vegan and almost entirely gluten free menu included:
•    Arancini
•    “Meat” balls (some gluten)
•    Samosas (some gluten)
•    Rice paper rolls
•    Warm mushroom dip
•    Sushi
•    Hommus in cucumber cups (curtesy of Toby and K, who got it from Wind Attack)
•    Cupcakes
•    Chocolate crackles
•    Caramel and white chocolate slice

Cucumber cups and ugly sushi
Samosas and Arancini
Rum balls and Chocolate Crackles
White chocolate caramel slice (well, pink chocolate in this case, and slightly oozing)

Recipes-wise there isn’t much to share. Katie made the rice rolls, the cupcakes came from a packet mix, I’ve covered arancini before, everyone can make chocolate crackles, same goes for sushi, and the samosas came in a box from the Indian grocer on Beaumont St. The caramel slice recipe is mine, but it was a less successful version of a top secret from my book (that I’m still trying to get published – we’ll see). I can share my “meat balls” recipe and the warm dip recipe though.

vegan meat balls

Meat balls
1 cup frys chicken style strips, thawed
1 cup cooked brown rice
1 cup almonds
1 tsp vegan chicken stock powder
1 tsp mixed herbs of your choosing (I use oregano, sage and thyme)
1 tbs soy sauce
pepper to taste
1 tsp cornflour in 2 Tbs of water, to make a paste

1.    Put strips, rice, almonds, stock and herbs into a food processes and process until crumbed.
2.    Place mixture into a bowl and stir the cornstarch paste and soy sauce through.
3.    Mix to form a dough. Taste, add pepper if desired.
4.    Form balls.
5.    Fry balls in a little oil in a non-stick pan until browned on a few sides.
6.    Serve with some dipping sauce such as tomato, BBQ, or sweet soy.

Vegies and dip

Warm Mushroom Dip

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 medium brown onion, diced
1 cup chopped mushrooms (I like portobellas and/or oysters)
1 tsp vegan stock powder or appropriate amount of preferred salt
1 cup vegan sour cream
two tablespoons chopped chives

1.    In a large saucepan, fry the onion in olive oil until soft.
2.    Add mushrooms and continue to cook, stirring, until cooked through.
3.    Remove from heat, add salt and sour cream and blend with a stick blender.
4.    Stir pepper and chives through and serve warm.

I usually serve this in the middle of a cob loaf, but finding a gluten free loaf was a no-go, so we stuck it in a bowl near a platter of veggies instead.


I’m no guru of gluten free baking. Most of my attempts have turned into weird, squishy, wafer-like substances, or rocks. But we had success with the cupcakes. Mr did the making, I contribute technical advice, and we totally cheated and used the Basco cupcake packet-mix. To make sure they rose without using egg, we used teensy-tiny cupcake pans instead of a muffin tray, and we replaced the eggs with three spoons of silken tofu. They turned out totally gorgeous, and all credit for their gorgeousness goes to Mr.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. K says:

    It all looks fantastic, hope you liked the cucumber cups.

    If you need a really good choc baking packet mix in the future, I can’t recommend the moist mud cake enough!

    1. Keira says:

      Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind for next time 🙂

  2. msmultimanda says:

    Oooooooooooooo, while everything looks amazing the cupcakes kinda make me wanna lick the screen a little!

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