These are a few of my favourite things

For the past two months I have spent nearly all my time looking through job ads, cruising employment websites, reading selection criteria and writing applications, in my search for a new job post-travel. I’m even dreaming about job applications.

It isn’t going well.

While I think I’m maintaining a fairly positive attitude, I have to admit that the enormous pile of “no” I’m getting is getting me pretty down. And, like many people, when I’m down, I turn to food. But rather than turning just to chocolate and wine, these days I try to fill my cupboard (and my belly) with all my favourite foods. It cheers me up to eat my favourite things, and to make pretty, tasty food for others.

My favourites list is pretty long, and like a true list-maker, I can break it down into an infinite number of lists, such as favourite comfort food, favourite summer food, favourite sweets, favourite food when someone else makes it, favourite food to make on sunday arvo, etc. I even have favourite food formats (bite sized things on a tray, then things you dip in other things, then on and on until bringing up the rear are things that require a knife).

Luckily many of my favourite things are ordinary, cheap ingredients like potatoes or marmite, however some are seasonal, expensive or harder to find. Recently I was reading something somewhere about eating more vegetables, and a wise sage suggested that people should make a list of their ten have veg and fruit and then just stock up on those rather than forcing themselves to eat food they hate. Works for me.

So, these next few days Im focusing on eating all the favourite things I can be bothered making or can get my hands on 🙂

Here’s the ingredients/meals/formats on the list:

• tea
• nut butter
• watermelon
• pineapple in savoury food
• coconut
• broccoli
• corriander
• basil
• garlic
• onions
• brussle sprouts
• stir-fried pumpkin
• fake chicken
• good bread
• proper pasta
• quinoa
• cous cous
• cashews
• almonds
• macadamias
• ice cream
• pancakes
• potatoes
• fruit toast/hot cross buns
• marmite
• vegan cheese
• pomegranate molasses
• home made salsa
• cumin
• pizza
• olive oil

It should be fun!

What are your favourite foods or ingredients? Do you use them regularly or save them up for special occasions?


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