Introducing Armenia


About – where is it?
Armenia is in the West Asian/Caucuses/Middle East area, and shares borders with Turkey, Georgia, Iran, and Azerbaijan. It has no coast, and the Capital is Yerevan.

About  – people and economy
•    Population: 2,970,495
•    Median age: 32.3
•    Life expectancy at birth: 73.49
•    Births: 1.38 per woman (really low)
•    Ethnic Groups: Armenian 97.9%, Yezidi (Kurd) 1.3%, Russian 0.5%, other 0.3%
•    Religions: Armenian Apostolic 94.7%, other Christian 4%, Yezidi (monotheist with elements of nature worship) 1.3%
•    Languages: Armenian (official) 97.7%, Yezidi 1%, Russian 0.9%, other 0.4%
•    Literacy: 99.4%
•    Suffrage: universal at 20 years of age
•    GDP per capita: $5400
•    Unemployment rate: 5.9%

Did you know…?
Armenians claim to be descended from Noah (dude with the ark), via one of his grandsons, Togarmah.
Armenia is in a spat with Azerbaijan over a pocket of land (and the people on it) between Iran and Armenia, cut off from Azerbaijan.
There is nuclear power in Armenia, despite the fact that the area has earthquakes.
In 2007 Armenia had the highest youth unemployment rate in the world, at 57.6%, which was split into 47.2% for men and 69.4% for women.
Yerevan is the worlds oldest city to have documented the date of its foundation, in 782 BCE.

Like the rest of the region, Armenia has at different times been invaded by the Assyrian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Mongol, Persian, and Ottoman Turk empires and the Russians during the soviet period.
The Menu

  • Bozbash
  • Several Pilafs (spoiler – they make probably the best quick pilaf in the world)
  • Salad
  • Eggplant Salad
  • Baklava
  • Eggplant with “meat”
  • Chickpea Salad
  • “Cheese” Borek

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