The best pilaf ever eaten!

I have cooked and eaten a LOT of pilaf/plov/palov/pilau/paella/risotto/rice and other grain dishes since I started this blog and, of course, every recipe writer claims that theirs is the best in the world. On this occasion though, I think the Armenians might actually be right.

I used this recipe I found at the blog The Armenian Kitchen. It lived up to its name, being completely perfect. It was tasty due to the stock but not too salty, it had crunchy noodle bits (not too crunchy) and it felt nice because of the oil, without being too oily. I plan to make it a mainstay – I think it could even replace pasta as my favourite grain dish.

Perfect Pilaf

I’d post a recipe, but I didn’t need to make any changes because the thing was already a masterpiece, so just check it out at the source.

I served it up with too other Armenian dishes, recipes also taken from the net – eggplant with “meat” and a bean salad. The beans were supposed to be chickpeas, but I didn’t have any, so I used kidney beans. Think of it as making up for using chickpeas instead of kidney beans when I made the Georgian bean salad.

The Eggplant with Meat dish was found on several sites, and you could use the recipe from here, here, or here. I subbed Redwood vegan mince for the lamb, and added a little fake beef stock powder for flavour. It was a pretty ho hum dish in the end. Too squigy in texture for my tastes, and too bland for Mr.

The bean salad recipe was fairly standard, and as per usual, we enjoyed it. I definitely prefer my beans like this instead of cooked to within an inch of their life in beans and rice style dishes. I used the recipe from Armenian Kitchen, but added some herbs at the end.

It made for a yummy meal, and the fabbo pilaf made up for any disappointment the eggplant dish dealt.

Armenian Meal no.2

When I started the Armenian plan I intended to make “cheese” borek and baklava, but I’m not really feeling the pastry vibe this week, so it isn’t going to happen after all, making this the last for Armenia. Fare well Armenia, and thanks for the pilaf.




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