Introducing Morocco!

Moroccan is one of my favourite cuisines, it’s a wonder it’s taken me this long to get around to visiting Morocco with the blog. Time really isn’t permitting the week long forays of old, but I think I’ll have time enough to make a few meals.

About – where is it?
Morocco is in North Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It has borders with Spain, Algeria, Western Sahara and Mauritania. The area of Western Sahara is disputed.

About  – people and economy
•    Population:
•    Median age:
•    Life expectancy at birth:
76.11 years
•    Birth rate:
2.19 children born per woman
•    Ethnic groups:
Arab-Berber 99%, other 1%
•    Religions:
Muslim 99% (official), Christian 1%, Jewish about 6,000
•    Languages:
Arabic, Berber languages (Tamazight, Tachelhit, Tarifit), French
•    Literacy:
56.1% (made up of 68.9% for men and 43.9% for women)
•    Suffrage:
Universal over 18
•    GDP per capita:
$5 100
•    Unemployment rate:

Did you know…?

  • The capital city of Morocco is Rabat, but the biggest city is Casablanca.
  • Morocco is a constitutional monarchy
  • Morocco is the only African nation to have a free trade agreement with the USA.
  • Morocco has 15% of their population living below the poverty line. This is the same percentage as the USA.

The Menu
I’m going to attempt these yummy sounding dishes (its a lot less work than it looks like):

  • Chickpeas Kdra
  • Cous cous (obviously)
  • Potato Salad
  • Lentil Salad
  • Spicy carrots
  • Carrot puree
  • Jerusalem artichoke salad
  • Mint tea
  • onion jam
  • harira
  • tomato and onion salad
  • oranges and cinnamon
  • zucchini salad
  • ghriba biscuits

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