Introducing Uzbekistan!


I’ve never eaten Uzbek food before, but while I was staying in Georgia I did get to hear a few Uzbeks wax lyrical about their fabulous palov and salads, so I have been looking forward to trying it.

About – where is it?
Uzbekistan is in Central Asia, and has borders with Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The capital city is Tashkent.
About  – people and econom
    •    Population: 28,394,180
    •    Median age: 26.2 years old
    •    Life expectancy at birth: 72.77 years
    •    Birth rate: 1.86 children born per woman
    •    Ethnic groups:Uzbek 80%, Russian 5.5%, Tajik 5%, Kazakh 3%, Karakalpak 2.5%, Tatar 1.5%, other 2.5%
    •    Religions: Muslim 88% (mostly Sunni), Eastern Orthodox 9%, other 3%
    •    Languages: Uzbek (official) 74.3%, Russian 14.2%, Tajik 4.4%, other 7.1%
    •    Literacy: 99.3%
    •    Suffrage: universal from age 18.
    •    GDP per capita: $3 300
    •    Unemployment rate:  1% unemployment

  • GINI index (fairness): 36.8% (more equitable than the US, less equitable the Australia).

Did you know…?

  • Uzbekistan is doubly landlocked? It doesn’t have access to an ocean, and neither do any of its bordering neighbours.
  • 60% of people in Uzbekistan live in rural communities.

The Menu

  • carrot and daikon salad
  • daikon and almond salad
  • pumpkin and mung bean soup
  • palov
  • cabbage carrot salad
  • half fried cabbage soup
  • apple palov
  • fried meat and potatoes

Wish me luck 🙂



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