From the garden

Before the holidays our garden got a major overhaul, including the second round of Summer planting. When we got back we returned to find radishes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, lettuce, beans and herbs waiting to be used up, not to mention a stack of edible weeds.

Check out this haul:

Things from the garden

I was so excited to see my garden when I got home that the first thing I did was pull things out of it, which inevitably lead to a big cook-up.

I settled on a sort of antipasti theme, and made a plate for our neighbor, who had been looking after things while we were away. I made nettle and basil pesto, roast potatoes with sage, zucchini and baby tomatoes, dry-fried beans, spicy chickpeas, roast beetroot and carrot with agave, and sauteed radishes. I was super-chuffed that the only things that didn’t come from the garden were potatoes and chickpeas.

Zucchini and baby tomatoes
Roast beetroot and carrot
Dry-fried beans

Everything was tasty, and for the first time the carrots were edible (previous attempts at growing carrots having resulted in nasty, bitter roots.)

Sauteed Radishes

However the star of the show ended up being the radishes. I got the idea to fry them from the seed packet, and gave it a go to make them more appealing, frying them in a little olive oil and seasoning with salt and pepper. They were so good that this is my new favourite vegetable dish.


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