I had plans for other countries this week, but I found a beautiful ook on Persian cooking at the Coburg library and changed my mind.

It all looks so good, I can’t wait to start.

About – where is it?
Iran is in the middle east,between the Gulf of Oman, the Persoan Gulf an the Caspian Sea. It has borders with Afganistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

The capital is Tehran.
About  – people and economy

  • Population: 78,868,711
  • Median age: 27.4 years
  • Life expectancy at birth: 70.35 years
  • Birth rate: 1.87 children are born per woman
  • Ethnic groups: Persian 61%, Azeri 16%, Kurd 10%, Lur 6%, Baloch 2%, Arab 2%, Turkmen and Turkic tribes 2%, other 1%
  • Religions: Muslim 98% (Shia 89%, Sunni 9%), other (inc Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian, and Baha’i) 2%
  • Languages: Farsi (Persian) 53%, Azeri Turkic and Turkic dialects 18%, Kurdish 10%, Gilaki and Mazandarani 7%, Luri 6%, Balochi 2%, Arabic 2%, other 2%
  • Literacy: 77%, however this is broken down into 83.5% for men and 70.4% for women.
  • Suffrage: Universal above 18 years
  • GDP per capita: $13 200
  • GINI index: 44. This means income is shared between families at a rate that is slightly fairer than the USA, but slightly less fair than Kenya.
  • Unemployment:  15%, with male youth unemployment at  20% and female youth unemployment at 34%


Did you know…?

Iran is the 18th largest country by land-mass (smaller than Australia but bigger than South Africa), and it is also the 18th biggest country in the world by population.

One of the oldest modern higher-education institutions in the world is in Tehran.

Iran grows 90% of the saffron in the world.

The Menu

As I mentioned above, I found a book – Saraban: a chef’s journey through Persia, by Greg and Lucy Malouf – in the library and was so taken by the pictures I thought that the next stop for AroundtheWorldVegan just had to be Iran.

I’ve also found a great source of recipes online, at .

My plan is for two dinners, a lunch, snacks, and a breakfast, which should look like:


  • Barberi bread
  • jams
  • tea


  • flat bread
  • beet and lentil soup


  • basket of herbs
  • flat bread
  • pickles
  • mashed eggplant with creamy sauce (Kashk-e badenjan)
  • chelow
  • khoresht – chicken and herb sour, or eggplant.


  • salad with petals and purslane and herbs as well as lettuce
  • flat bread
  • borani badenjan (eggplant and walnut dip)
  • pickles
  • grilled ‘chicken’ with saffron, lemon and mint
  • jewelled polow


  • spiced seeds and nuts (maybe)
  • brittle (maybe)
  • baklava (almond, cardamon and rose)



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