Rumbledethumps with vegan sausages


This is a very quick post, because it’s about a quick and simple dish: Rumbledethumps.

With a name like that, I had to make it, and it’s really just lucky that it’s delicious as well. Really though, you can hardly go wrong with mashed potato, and adding alliums and cheese can only serve to increase the tastiness.

What is it? Mashed potato with leek, kale or cabbage, and cheese, brought together and baked in the oven. I used Cheezly vegan cheese, and a teensy bit of kale and a lot of silverbeet because my kale plants aren’t big enough for whole meals yet.

We ate it with some vegan sausages care of the Radical Grocery Store. It was divine.

Rumbledethumps is one of several potato recipes I intend to try from the UK. The next few weeks will also feature Clapshot, Neeps and Tatties, and maybe also Colcannon.


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  1. Johanna GGG says:

    Hurrah for side dishes with interesting names! I love this one – the version I made some years ago had cabbage, leeks and broccoli in it – would love to try it with kale

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