Time for a change

Hi there!

Things have been pretty dead around here lately, and I thought I should drop in and tell you why.

Since going back to work full time I haven’t had nearly enough time to research all the fabulous recipes I’d like to, and I’m no longer the main cook or grocery-shopper in our little two-person family. What this means for the blog is that I rarely have anything to put into it.

I’m not quite ready to give it up wholesale, so I’ll be leaving it here in case I change my mind (and I probably will, because I’m nothing if not indecisive), but I won’t be coming back regularly for the near future.

I also wanted to tell you that cooking has given way to gardening as my favourite hobby, and I have set up a new blog about that (I thought it might be confusing for people who find this blog if it morphed into one about seeds and dirt). The new blog will have photos and stories about my veggie gardening exploits, and will have recipes for in-season vegetables.

If you’re interested, you can check it out at www.notyournansveggiepatch.wordpress.com.

See ya round!


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