I have seen many recipes for a chocolate babka, which is Polish (I think), and looks like a bread. This isn’t that. Belarussian babka is a potato and meat pie/bake/thing. It consists of a layer of meat (pork and lard) sandwiched between two layers of a potato and flour mixture, and coated in sour cream….

Mezze two

On Mezze night number two, we had pumpkin kibbeh, tabouli, bean dip, flat bread chips, and fried tempeh kibbeh. Overall, it was delicious, and I have to say I’m pretty proud of my new creation, the fried tempeh kibbeh. The pumpkin Kibbeh was bought from the Middle East Bakery on Hope st. I just happened…

¡Mole, mole, mole!

¡Hola¡ ¡Acabo de descubrir cómo hacer la “¡”! And now, moving on from my grammatical excitement (¡!), lets talk mole. (just a note, I’m talking about the edible, chocolate-chilli sauce, not this furry little guy). Mole, in Mexico, refers to a number of different sauces. However, we usually understand it to refer to the particular…

Disaster strikes, but turns out yum

The aim for last night was to attempt the Traditional Pancake Rolls, or Milssam, and Pumpkin porridge, with Persimmon Tea, Persimmon sherbet, and Barbequed beef. I had made a plan, I had all the ingredients, I had a clean kitchen to start with and I was in my element- this was going to be good….