Sunday Roast – quick hit


Sunday Roast is really a British thing, I’m sure, but it’s still something we do here in Aus on occasion, and it’s something I love, although we don’t usually wait for Sunday. Roasted potato is one of my favourite foods. I usually make extra, so I can eat them cold the next day.

When I was a little kid, my nan (Dad’s mum) would do a Sunday Roast for lunch sometimes, and we’d all go over for it. It made for a lot of people, as my Dad has 5 brothers and sisters, and about half of them were married with kids then (all are now). My great uncle and aunt, and my great great uncle used to come as well. She used to make roast red meat, but I can’t remember which, and there was always gravy, roasted vegetables (parsnip, potato, carrot, pumpkin and onions), and peas, and there was usually something with custard for dessert.

Now we usually make it for dinner, and I usually do it on a week night, especially when it’s cold outside. I make either a bought Vegetarian roast (thank you, Sanitarium), or I make a nut roast wrapped in pastry.

This is a quick hit, as it won’t have a recipe, and doesn’t require a lot of explanation. I used store-bought Sanitarium Roast, and I’m sure you can find a recipe for roasting vegetables if you don’t already have one. Really, it wasn’t my best effort – Sunday is a busy night for us! I didn’t even make gravy! It was falvourful and warm nonetheless, and the Sanitarium Rosemary and Mint roast is really to tasty on its own that it doesn’t need the gravy.

Did you have roast on sundays when you were little? How do make a roast now? Ddi/do you go all out with gravy, white sauce, mint, and apple? Or do you modernise, and roast your vegies with olives, tomatoes, and spices?


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  1. Steph says:

    We never used to have roast when I was younger. And I never used to like them, either, but now I love some well roasted potato and pumpkin! I think, because I don’t have any traditions around roast, I don’t really mind how they’re done or what the condiments are or whatever – I just want those roasted vegies.

    1. Keira says:

      I know what you men.. roast vegies are great 🙂

  2. Niki says:

    Yum. We were raised on roasts (with meat). I hardly ever bother now trying to make a roast with meat substitute and generally just eat roast veg, but I do enjoy the Sanitarium roast drowned in gravy with mashed spud and peas if I ever need to feel like I’m a kid again. I find the Sanitarium roast really just tastes like over salted stuffing, but with the gravy and veg I think it has the desired effect!

    1. Keira says:

      Yeah, its not the best substitue, but it is the easiest 🙂 My favourite is still nut roast – chopped nuts, bread crumbs, herbs, marmite, almond meal and a litte beef-flavoured stock, wrapped in pastry. Good stuff.

  3. Johanna says:

    My mum made roast dinner all the time when I was little and still does – the last one I had was last weekend – when I am at her place she makes sure to make more veg – she always made cauliflower cheese but often also makes a tomato or eggplant dish for me. I love roast veg – all kinds go in the roasting dish now – brussels sprouts, cauliflower, I even did cabbage this year – but potato and pumpkin are still the regulars and I love a nut roast with it – though I have never made it with pastry but I love nut roasts of all kind so must try this some day. This is comfort food that I need to have every now and again for the world to feel right!

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